Why A Home Security System An Important Investment

When you take a look at your household, and your house, you know you want them to be secure, constantly out of harm’s way. When you leave for work, you anticipate to come back to a happy family, and to a residence that is safe. But as they say, hope is simply not a strategy. The rising crime rates all around cities echo the bitter reality. Lots of people neglect, ignore, and underestimate the necessity of taking relevant home security measures. A burglary or theft can lead to harmful effects, both emotionally and also financially. While the financial loss may be recoverable, the trauma ınduced on your family and oneself may last forever. So take a minute and look at this; is this loss worth the risk?

To help paint an even more realistic snapshot about the property crimes in the nation, take a look at these statistics:

- As per the FBI, there were approximately 8,975,438 property crimes in 2012.
- Of all the property crimes, 23.4% were burglaries.
- An estimated loss of worth $15.5 billion come from property crimes.

Research conducted by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice revealed that alarm systems help deter burglars.
Another research done by the University of North Carolina proved that burglars would be hesitant to enter a residence fitted with an alarm system. The truth is, 31% burglars are likely to retreat from a home if they discover a security system. These figures show the effectiveness of home security systems.

DIY home security ideas

The 105db Wireless Home Security System is an inexpensive solution to your house or business security needs.

Why shell out hundreds of dollars on a security system and pay monitoring fees if you can get this system for a small percentage of the cost?

You can program this system to contact you at your workplace, your cellular phone, or any of 5 telephone numbers you set or where ever you are instead of calling an alarm company. You can then call a neighbor or the cops or whom ever you choose.

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